Did Someone Use the "F" Word?

Yes, it happens quite frequently and it’s pretty common. Almost every adult and child has experienced it to varying degrees, in one form or another, and no one really wants to talk about it publicly.

It’s FEAR.  And whether it leads to confrontation or escape, it’s a commonplace emotion    that obstructs our potential and can paralyze our dreams. 

The most elusive part of fear is its manifestation.  It shows up differently for everyone and is often misunderstood or misinterpreted.  It spans the alphabet from avoidance, anger, anxiety, to zoning out - FEAR is a powerful voice that screams for attention in our heads when we need it least!

Here are 5 suggestions to quell that voice:

1)    Acknowledge its presence – don’t ignore it, it’s very devious and knows how to claim your attention often rendering you ineffective and feeling helpless.

2)    Own it – take charge and use it to your advantage.  Talk about it so it loses its power/potency.

3)    Get in touch with what you are trying to do and create an action plan for yourself to move forward and get it done!  Taking stock of what your are feeling and create a pathway forward which offers you choices will empower you to make the necessary decisions.

4)    Be intentional in your language and choose positive self- reinforcement to overcome the negativity – for example “I know I will get a job” – not “I hope that I might get a job

5)    Know that you are not alone –everyone has fear but those who push through gain strength and lose that helpless feeling.


Franklin D. Roosevelt famously said “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Pay attention to those wise words and you will see that you can do more than you ever imagined if you take action in the present and not be scared by the unknown.


Rosalind Franklin grew up in England and is a professional Coach and Consultant who brings 20 years of organizational strategy and leadership development experience to her work with groups and individuals, both in the United States and abroad. Learn more at Rosalind@RosalindFranklinGroup.com, 415.789.5121.