Board Development and Governance

The foundation of any business or organization is establishing a framework of rules and practices that allows them to achieve accountability, fairness, and transparency in their relationship with their stakeholders (funding sources, customers, management, employees, and the community).

With a focus on nonprofit organizations, I help board members , Board Chairs, and Executive Directors develop and institute the best practices necessary to address the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities facing them. By facilitating strategic thinking and engaging board members and staff in reflection and the dialogue necessary to create a transparent governance structure, together we help support the organizational mission and promote efficiency, effectiveness and growth.  Services include:

  • Alignment of mission planning and purpose

  • Policy and compliance

  • Creating a Culture for Strategic Thinking

  • Constructive partnerships

  • Fiduciary oversight

  • Assessment and evaluation

  • Fundraising/sustainability

  • Committee structure and goal setting

  • Roles and responsibilities, personal and organizational

  • Board development and learning

  • Increased transparency

“Rosalind has an amazing feel for people and for handling situations in the most graceful way possible. Her contributions to the organization cannot be overstated--she is not afraid to say what other people only dare to think. I truly appreciated her support, and I had a ball working with her.”
John Pritzker, Founder and President Geolo Capital