Executive Coaching

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.
— John Quincy Adams

Self- awareness and courage is the basis for leadership. It takes courage and conviction to self-reflect and create a vision and environment with shared values. A focus on leadership encourages integrity, respect, promotion of creativity, teamwork and personal accountability. A willingness to listen to others enhances effective collaboration and inspires trust, thereby improving team work and overall productivity.

Leading with self-awareness, compassion, and the belief that most people want to and can add value to the workplace invites cooperation and productivity. Executive Coaching produces learning and behavioral change and provides opportunity for personal and professional growth, with goal-setting that genuinely furthers your own success as well as measurable improvements and results for the organization.

Together we can work to:

  • Align vision and strategy

  • Build shared organizational values and commitment

  • Focus on results

  • Lead with authenticity and integrity

Working with clients to deliver tangible results by developing clear measurable goals and coach through an action plan to support the bottom line, through trust, communication and support the retention of employees and development of the team members.

"Rosalind is amazingly intuitive and perceptive and identifies those things in each of us which blocks us from our own success and has established herself as my most significant and highly valued business partner. I like working with Rosalind because I sense her complete commitment to me and my success. She gives me immediate feedback in the form of a post-session e mail which also contains the homework assignments we collaboratively established during the session. I am definitely made accountable for my actions and inactions by her. She has evolved with me demonstrating a remarkable capacity for adaptability."
Martin, Lawyer, San Francisco