I periodically update my favorite picks but here are some of my favorite things right now:


Power of Habit – Charles Duhigg
A wonderful book about how small changes in our behavior can have a dramatic effect on our lives and habits. Provides wonderful examples of the impact from a variety of perspectives and individuals with diverse lives and experiences.

Mindset – Carol Dwek
Great book that illustrates how our mindset can effect our success beyond our skills and talents. The style and way we approach tasks, goals and parenting can change the outcome. Recommended reading for everyone.

Leadership and Self Deception – The Arbinger Institute
Interesting insights through a story everyone can relate to, exposing how we often are blind to our true motivations and how we are perceived by others, which ultimately have a negative effect on our own success.


“Relax you’ll be more productive” – NY Times

“The Busy Trap” – NY Times