"I can't begin to express how much Rosalind Franklin helped our family go through an incredibly difficult time.  We met Rosalind when our son was at a very low point. We were at a loss as to what to do. She understood his needs and coordinated an introduction that identified the perfect program to help him. We were overjoyed that he was finally safe and getting the help he needed. Rosalind helped my husband and I relate to our son in a supportive emotionally strong manner. She also helped us relate to each other throughout this terribly difficult time. Rosalind is a brilliant woman who has the ability to see people as they are, to reach them and enable them to reach their goals. She is absolutely the best go-to person for assistance in learning how to better one's life."
- Valerie, Parent, New York City          


"The preparation for the training seminar was extremely thorough, Rosalind was deeply invested in the success of the seminar, and I very much appreciated the efforts and skills she brought to bear. The seminar itself was carefully crafted and well executed. Even during difficult moments, I felt the seminar was under close control and in good hands. The net effect of the seminar was much greater clarity for myself and my deputy how we needed to move forward in order to lead our team more successfully, maintain a happier workplace, and achieve our organizational goals. I absolutely recommend Rosalind to managers looking to better lead their teams, and interested in making the dynamics in their organization smoother, healthier, more transparent and less fractious."
- Akiva Tor,  Israel Consul General , San Francisco and Pacific Northwest


"Rosalind has an amazing feel for people and for handling situations in the most graceful way possible. Her contributions to the organization cannot be overstated--she is not afraid to say what other people only dare to think. I truly appreciated her support, and I had a ball working with her."
-John Pritzker, Founder and President Geolo Capital


"Our conversations are really a gold mine of insight. Thank you so much for helping me get on track in moving forward.  I can't say enough how much my work with you has catapulted me into this amazing transition toward what I know will place me squarely on my life's path."
- Soha, Speech Therapist, San Francisco


"Rosalind has a unique talent and knack for focusing in on the issues that need to be dealt with in a pragmatic and practical way. The no nonsense approach that does not dwell on the past is a powerful approach to solving problems and helping to move forward in one’s life. She has helped me enormously in dealing with my insecurities and how to deal with my adult children in guiding them and at the same time keeping my compass pointing in the right direction. I enjoy the complete privacy and confidentiality of our conversations and have a high regard for her integrity."
- Caroline, Real Estate Broker, New York


"Rosalind’s long term support and guidance has been a lifesaver at a critical point in my life. Her combination of compassion, discipline and helping clients help themselves is critical to creating a strong foundation for a rewarding life for the future."
-Jeffrey, Investment Banker, England


"I have found Rosalind to be collaborative, supportive, direct, organized and relatable. These traits have been invaluable in providing support to families in stress and the collaboration has amplified my ability to be effective. She has developed close, trusting relationships with the families she works with and then uses that space to provide blunt and direct feedback. She blends in personal experience, theory, and emotional work in her processing with clients."
- Sean Roberts, MS CMHC NCC,  Therapeutic Program Therapist


"Rosalind is amazingly intuitive and perceptive and identifies those things in each of us which blocks us from our own success and has established herself as my most significant and highly valued business partner. I like working with Rosalind because I sense her complete commitment to me and my success. She gives me immediate feedback in the form of a post-session e mail which also contains the homework assignments we collaboratively established during the session. I am definitely made accountable for my actions and inactions by her. She has evolved with me demonstrating a remarkable capacity for adaptability."
- Martin, Lawyer, San Francisco


"In only a few months, I went from apprehensive, and immobile, to eager and enthusiastic about the direction of my life. Throughout the process, Rosalind was kind and empathetic, but firmly guided me to take appropriate action and held me accountable. We addressed barriers as they presented, and established new and effective ways to surpass them. It was an organic approach I directed, and, Rosalind kept me on task and motivated through her understanding of my goals and desires, and review of my accomplishments. We progressed at my pace, and generated the results I wanted.  he coaching process was so helpful for me in making the changes I wanted in the way that worked best for me; Rosalind compassionately guided me to the next level by providing me with the customized support and encouragement that I needed to make the necessary transition. I felt cared for, empowered and comforted by her as my facilitator and am now confident and clear about the future."
- Alaina, NewYork City


"Her deep intuition and understanding of each client that she works with has always impressed me.  She is able to design unique approaches for each individual based on her capacity to listen deeply to their needs and works with them to determine their goals and outcomes for the work they embark on together.  She is result oriented and clients take to her personable nature and supportive approach.  Rosalind is easy to get along with and approaches her work with commitment and a sense of fun to the process.  She is reliable and a team player with good ideas that help those with whom she works with.  The results of her coaching are evident to those who have worked with her and also within the teams they are a part of."
- Vito Bialla, Bialla and Associates, Sausalito CA


"My time spent working with Rosalind has been nothing but a positive experience. Rosalind has helped me through school and helped me stay on track throughout my second time at college after a long break. I feel a strong sense of trust with Rosalind and her advice and suggestions have been all amazing. Rosalind's passion for what she does makes the experience and trust even stronger."
- Adam, University Student, New York