"Rosalind is amazingly intuitive and perceptive and identifies those things in each of us which blocks us from our own success and has established herself as my most significant and highly valued business partner. I like working with Rosalind because I sense her complete commitment to me and my success. She gives me immediate feedback in the form of a post-session e mail which also contains the homework assignments we collaboratively established during the session. I am definitely made accountable for my actions and inactions by her. She has evolved with me demonstrating a remarkable capacity for adaptability."
- Martin, Lawyer, San Francisco

"Rosalind helped me move from feeling merely competent to a place of excellence.  I am guided through difficult and simple professional challenges with finely tuned insight and humor.  My skills and management style are greatly improved - am a walking attestation that Rosalind does not shy away from old dogs who want to learn new tricks."                                                        - Margine Sako, Executive Director at St. Mary's Medical Center Foundation

"The preparation was extremely thorough and well crafted, and Rosalind was deeply invested in the success of the seminar and I very much appreciated the efforts and skills she brought to bear….interacting and planning with her was a great experience. She is an excellent listener and well liked by the staff… The net effect was much greater clarity for me and my deputy how we needed to move forward in order to lead our team more successfully, maintain a happier workplace and achieve organizational goals. I absolutely recommend Rosalind to managers looking to better lead their teams and interested in making the dynamics in their organization smoother, healthier, and more transparent."
- Akiva Tor, Israel Consul General

"Rosalind is not afraid to say what others only dare to think. I appreciate her support and had a ball working with her."
- John Pritzker, Partner and Director. Geolo Capital, San Francisco

"Rosalind’s calm clear method cuts efficiently through excuses and uncertainty to the heart of my most honest personal and professional desires. Each time we meet, I leave with clear direction and an attainable goal in mind. I cannot imagine a more worthy investment toward one’s happiness. Rosalind has helped me to find my way from the hamster wheel to the driver’s seat and for that I will always be grateful."
- Jackson, Security Director - San Francisco, CA