Parent Coaching

Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.
— Brene Brown

Parenting is often complicated and filled with challenges. This is especially true for families struggling with a child that has severe behavioral, emotional issues or battling addiction. These situations add to the complexity of parent-child dynamics and may require more individualized attention and treatment to repair the family unit.
Through parallel process parent coaching I fill a specialized niche, assisting parents of children in intensive therapy, residential or wilderness programs by developing new skills and discovering family communication patterns. The process provides parents with new tools and learning while supporting the work of the child through treatment and beyond.                         

I have had personal experience in this milieu and take my knowledge, expertise, deep sensitivity and compassion for what parents go through into my work with my clients and help them to find the light at the end of the journey.

I help parents:

  • Learn what they need for do for themselves to develop healthy relationships with their child and with others in their lives;

  • Have a safe place to discuss their struggles with their troubled preteen, adolescent or young adult child;

  • Enhance their self-awareness so they recognize when they are falling into an old pattern;

  • Discover how to empower their children to solve his/her own problems;

  • Cultivate more sharing and reciprocity in the parent-child relationship;

  • Develop positive listening and communication skills;

  • Receive real-time support in their daily life to help navigate the rocky road of parenting; 

  • Become more confident and skillful in raising mature, responsible and resilient children;

The result is improved communication, a closer connection and an environment that supports the healthy growth of the entire family through boundary setting, positive interactions, listening skills and increased engagement.

Working in collaboration with other skilled professionals, this triangle approach forms a solid and consistent foundation of support that helps parents discover new possibilities with their children and strengthens and repairs the family bond.

I have had the pleasure of partnering with Rosalind Franklin, who has served as Parent/Family Coach at Evergreen Colorado's Forest Heights Lodge, in coordination with our Resident Family Therapist. Rosalind brings to this unique field, a level of creativity, expertise and accountability that is a breath of fresh air and I have seen the excellent results she has achieved first hand. Rosalind provides the necessary direction parents desire as well as the organized follow through with the entire family and bringing a better understanding and clarity to the entire "parallel process.” Once a goal is set, she skillfully helps the family understand the task at hand and sensitively guides the parents forward, towards achieving the agreed upon goal . She confronts all barriers and fears and supports both the growth of the child as well as the family. I thoroughly enjoy working with Rosalind."

Linda Clefisch, LCSW, Executive Director, Forest Heights Lodge, Colorado